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Shadows of Pindus is the first major duet actual play podcast. This means one player and one game master. Where as traditional actual plays in their strongest forms come out like a radio play, the duet form comes out like an audiobook. One player allows us to get intimate and explore the nuance of character. We also move through plot more quickly. If you have ever wished for a more focused and eventful actual play or storytelling podcast, Shadows of Pindus is for you.


Map of Pindus-on-Isles

The Pindus Valley is the last holdout against the jungle. Nature herself is raging against the civilized races. Crops have failed across the continent. Here in Pindus Valley refugees from a dozen nations cling together amidst the dizzying heights of the city of Pindus-on-isles. Only the discovery of a technique to create synthetic nutrition can sustain

this population in the face of a broken and hostile ecology. The Arcane Guilds which guard these secrets run the city.

Manure and Malice Campaign World Brief page 1 Shadows of Pindus


In Shadowhurst, the oldest ward of the city, your community is everything. People get lost. The officers of Wave warn refugees: make yourself useful to someone or someone will choose a use for you.


The Player Character

Enter Croak. A Dark Elf: lost, addicted, alone. He hopes to escape his poverty. The jaws of Shadowhurst are persistent.

Shadows of Pindus Croak Level 1 DnD Character Sheet