A Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Adventure set in Pindus

Come and Game with the Creatives behind Pindus in Malice and Manure.

Something is killing cattle. Find it and stop it. Basic right? 
In the unrestricted cesspool of Bashard’s Run nothing is basic. Accusations flood through the innards of it’s feedlots and forges. Staunch the flow.

This adventure will be game mastered by Shadows of Pindus Dungeon Master Darren Steele at Intriguecon (October 13) and Game-a-Lot (October 20) in the YEG area in the Fall of 2018. It is designed for 5-6 second level characters and focuses on discovering and putting to an end the killing of cattle belonging to a rich guildmaster. Characters will need to be judicious to separate accusation from conviction in the desperate underbelly of Pindus-on-Isles. There is spite and discontent in Guildmaster Tilley’s feedlot. There is Malice and Manure.

Long Description

Pindus is a city of wonders and a city of desperation. It is full to the brim with refugees, fleeing from a continent spanning deadly jungle that’s avarice knows no bounds.

There is no shortage of avarice among Pindus’ own peoples. Greed and need make what should be a straightforward investigation into a contest of competing interests. Do you work for justice or to get paid?

In Bashard’s Run, where the impoverished sign on to long contracts to work in dismal conditions, you’ve been tasked to discover a killer of cattle. Has some labourer become desperate for food? Is there a deadly creature lurking in the dark? Is the Guildmaster looking for an excuse to break contracts? Who stands to benefit? Who stands to suffer? Set your jaw and trundle forth as you wade knee deep into Malice and Manure.

What You Need To Bring

Any familiarity you have with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons is useful. If you are a newbie and want to look over the rules you can find the basic ruleset here. If you want to hear the game in action, and get a sense of the feel of Pindus, why not start with the first episode of our sweet actual play podcast?

If you’d like to bring a character any Tier 1 character will do. I may ask you to push your character a little to fit the world of Pindus (more on the world below). 2nd level pre-gens will be available.

But mostly bring yourself and your sense of play. We’ll teach rules on the fly. We love to roleplay. Show up with curiosity and a desire for fun and it’s all gonna work out great.


Want to Really Geek Out? Read on for additional information about the Pindus Setting before you come and game!

Manure and Malice Campaign World Brief page 1 Shadows of PindusManure and Malice Campaign World Brief page 2 Shadows of Pindus

Map of Pindus-on-Isles