It’s just a wild ride down the waterfall into a new vista: an expansive jungle where the threats are… simulated? Quaswil has a plan to heal his charges, though Croak is not one to accept guidance easily. What is there to be learned in the pit-traps and corridors of an ancient museum?

Mentioned in the show are opportunities (especially if you’re in the Edmonton area) to meet me, hear me speak, and game with me. There are three events at three different conventions in the YEG area this fall.

September 22 @ Edmonton Expo: I’ll be speaking on a panel: Roleplaying Games for Personal Social Development – Using TRPGS to Improve Social Skills, with folks from Level Up Gaming League and Youth Empowerment and Support Services. Come see and introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you! Find it on the schedule here. We are in Room 101 from 3:15 to 4:00

October 12 @ Intriguecon and October 20 @ Game-A-Lot: There is more going on in Pindus than Croak’s mucking up his life on the streets of Shadowhurst. I will be running D&D5e sessions for up to 6 players. Come check out another corner of the Arcanepunk setting and have your own crack at adventure in Pindus-on-Isles. Scheduling for Game-a-Lot is live now (though the splash page has inaccurate information about who’s running the game. I, Darren Steele, will be the game master.

Sign up for the session at Intriguecon theoretically opens Tuesday, September 11.



Gamemaster: Darren Steele (@dsteelegm)

Player: Joel Crichton (@jacrichton)

Worldbuilding: Darren Steele and Will Mitchell (@troubadork)

Cover Art: Richard Nattoo (@djsinista1)

Editing: Darren Steele and Derek Peterson

Music:  “Before the Days” by Marios Takoushis, “Brain Twister” by Jeff Whitcher, “ENRGZR” by Vojta Siman, “Twisted Atoms” by Michael Sajic, “Standoff Down Under” by James Jones.