Dungeons & Dragons rehab? Join Croak as he gets comfortable on his first day. A charming community nestled in one of the great towers of Shadowhurst, and a handful of well meaning people who intend to take care of Croak. What more could our lonely street Drow ask for?

There is a bonus episode in the works where Croak and I will be talking about our process and answering questions. Got questions and comments? Now is a great time to forward them. Reach me on twitter (@dsteelegm), or submit your questions in the email form at our website.


Gamemaster: Darren Steele (@dsteelegm)

Guest Voices: Rachel Steele, Ben Stevens, Stuart L. McGowan, Kelly Froese

Player: Paul Paul

Worldbuilding: Darren Steele and Will Mitchell (@troubadork)

Cover Art: Richard Nattoo (@djsinista1)

Editing: Darren Steele and Derek Peterson

Music:  “Before the Days” by Marios Takoushis, “Brain Twister” by Jeff Whitcher, “ENRGZR” by Vojta Siman, “Corporate Business” by Scott Holmes www.scottholmesmusic.com, “Twisted Atoms” by Michael Sajic