The two voices on the podcast, Darren Steele and newly revealed Joel Crichton sat down to discuss the process of the show and answer fan-submitted questions.

We cover the inspirations and beginnings of the Croak for Help podcast, as well as the juicy story behind why Joel has been a secret on the project thus far.

Topics Discussed in the Show

Creative Team Topics
  • Who is this talented Joel guy anyway?
  • Why has his name not been on the show until now?
  • Phenomenology
  • Darren’s skin colour headcanon
Fan-submitted Questions

We had many questions submitted, and we didn’t get to all of them. Here are questions we answer as part of the podcast:

  • Are any other racial groups treated as poorly as the Drow in Pindus ?
  • Are there any people who live in Pindus who don’t dabble in criminal activity ?
  • What does croak look like?
  • What kind of government rules Pindus?
  • What is the Crial Fist? Why don’t they have much power anymore?
  • Is Wave a paramilitary organization sanctioned by the government? What exactly are they responsible for and where do they get their considerable wealth?
  • It sounds like there is import and export from the city. Are there other cities and refugees out there?
  • I’d like to know more about Croak’s parents and early life.
  • Will the gangsters family come after Croak?
  • Does Croak care for anybody besides himself?
  • How did Croak become a d
  • ruid?
  • How much autonomy did the person playing Croak have over building their character if any?
  • How essential was this one character to the building of the world of Pindus?

Questions shall not go unanswered

Here I shall endeavour to further stimulate the appetite for questions by briefly speaking to those not covered in the recording.

Who is Neborus and what did she once mean to the people of Pindus?

Neborus is a god of new birth and the cycles of nature. Pindus as an Elven city was first founded as a monastery to Neborus. She was the first patron of the city when it was new. As a being manifest in the world she brought direct guidance to the peoples. Her monuments remain, especially in the old parts of the city. With the rise of the Arcane Guilds, it became clear the city was becoming another God’s domain. She left for points North where some balance in nature remains. The city remained to Tarsus and Crial.

Why doesn’t Neborus help the Pindonians fight the jungle?

In part, Neborus simply isn’t there. Also, as a being who embraces cycles, including the downward side of them, she is not likely to battle the death of a culture. She takes the long view on such things.

What are the people of Pindus called?

Pindonians with the emphasis on pindoNEEans.

What happened to the Underdark in the Pindus Universe?

Plenty of dark underground places, though no super connected vastnesses on the scale of the Forgotten Realms Underdark.

How many episodes did you do? Is one episode one session?

One session of play gives out between 2 and 4 episodes. I am expecting about 40 episodes.

Did Joel do all the music?

I hope he’ll do some. He’s a fantastic musician. So far Darren has done all the music using stock audio.

How much humming and hawing is edited out?

Sessions are shrunk by about 10% when all the silences and thinking noises are stripped.


Do you do the special voices life during recording or dub after?

All the voices (other than intro and outro stuff) are live at the table.



Talking heads: Darren Steele (@dsteelegm) and Joel Crichton (@jacrichton)