Tanore is murdered. The door to the Thugguh ballroom slams shut. This deal is not going according to plan.

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As promised here follows my Mother’s original adventure, the harrowing tale of

Commomder Paul

It was 0700 hrs., yet the sky lurked black around us, obliterated by the shrouded shadow of Earth. Startled, I regained consciousness, aided by the code 1 alarm blaring in my left sound wave receptor. I hit the kill switch with a deft smack, and the alarm was silenced. Stumbling, I remembered where I was. My duty awaited. Rising carefully, I crept out of the room, and with cunning I entered the lavatory, undetected by the feline, canines and mortals which were guarding the fortress.

Relieved, and thinking more clearly now, I planned my attack. I had to roust up my allies without awakening ‘The Master of the castle, lying in the next room. First I would have to deal with the beasts. Perhaps the lure of nourishment after a long fast would preoccupy them, and ensure easy access to the rest of the facility. Swiftly I retrieved containers, filling them with aromatic rations. This enticed the animals to life. With barely a glimpse in my direction, they followed their noses to the delicacies provided. Perfect. This was my chance. Into the dungeon I raced. To the left and through the door–my first co-conspirator lay there. Raising him from the death-like grip of the Sandman was no easy task. Wavering in and out of a stupor, the boy’s responses were unintelligible. Time was running short. Would the vicious four-legged creatures invade before I could accomplish my mission? Sealing the door, I tried again. I knew of a weakness that was known to only a handful of other commanders in my position. I went for the feet. Touching them gingerly as I hoarsely barked whispered orders in his ear, I finally had success. Glazed eyes opened, as

A moan escaped his lips, yet still he lay horizontal, as if chained to the mattress by invisible tentacles. Still I persisted. If I could not rouse him now, we would be too late to complete our mission successfully. Three jabs in the ribs, then I had to rush to awaken my other ally.

Lulled into complacency by full bellies, the beasts were no longer a source of danger. Skirting their lair, I approached the bed of the little ally, careful to avoid the wrath of The Master, who lay exhausted in the next room. The first rays of light were beginning to filter in through the high windows. The barred windows cast eerie horizontal shadows upon the sleeping figure. Secrecy and silence were now of the utmost importance. We must not awaken The Master. Creeping into the room, 1 stealthily avoided the traps that awaited me. Though only 2 meters away, the path to the younger child was riddled with danger. Mines were scattered along the floor, snares strategically placed– and almost too late I discovered that the feline was on sentry duty. I had nearly reached the bed when the cat attacked. Fending him off with a blanket, I quickly gathered the young girl and we raced for the door with armour and pick in hand. While the cat struggled with his hindrance, we gently closed the door and headed out. Wait! Where was the boy? The dogs were beginning to stir again. We could not leave without the boy! As the youngest donned her gear and repaired her tresses, I went in search of the boy.

Back to the dungeon with not a minute to spare! Arriving at the cell, the problem became clear to me. Although he was now dressed, he had been lulled back to sleep again by the grip of the shadow. In urgency I threw caution to the wind. With a howl and a pull, I yanked him back to the world of the living. I shoved the boy into the light and forced his sleeping body out into the wintry cold. Hearing the commotion, the girl knew what action she must take. She made a run for it. Grabbing shoes for the boy as I slammed the fortress blockade into position, I managed to trap the Master and his beasts in the building as we all met at the retreat vehicle.

Now–would we complete our mission on time? 0838hrs.–We had 120 seconds to arrive at our destination and report to our superiors. We just had to make it. Our future depended on it. Slamming gears and pressing into hyper mode we raced against time. Destination: institution of learning; Required Arrival Time:31840 hrs. Mission Objective: Train the brain; Ultimate Objective: Meaningful member of our existing society.

Journal entry: 1140 hrs. Morning mission successful. Left premises undetected by The Master. Casualties: 1 feline suffered temporary claustrophobia–no lasting effects. Boy child may require counselling to effectively resist the lingering effects of irregular sleep patterns. Girl child has adequate armour, but requires more effective tool for working with tresses. Pick is ineffective. Commander has survived, and is ready to repeat mission at 0700hrs 5 days a week as necessary.

Commomder Paul. October 18, 1999


Original Commomder Paul Adventure: Nancy Paul

Gamemaster: Darren Steele (@dsteelegm)

Player: Paul Paul

Worldbuilding: Darren Steele and Will Mitchell (@troubadork)

Cover Art: Richard Nattoo (@djsinista1)

Editing: Darren Steele

Music:  Brain Twister by Jeff Whitcher, ENRGZR by Vojta Siman