After taking in the sights of Pindus-on-Isles from Hippogriff back, and watching the violent glory that is the Cutter Run, it’s time to go to work. It’s up the tower to make some coin. He’d better hustle to make the appointment. A Drow has his work cut out for him trying to act casual in the upper levels of the tower. The Dark Elves are a strange sight among the privileged. And then there is the contact. Who can they be, and what is their aim?


Want to learn about me (Darren Steele) and the creation of this podcast. I had a delightful interview with Dan and Chelsea of the Northern Nerdcast that you might like:



Gamemaster: Darren Steele (@dsteelegm)

Player: Paul Paul

Worldbuilding: Darren Steele and Will Mitchell (@troubadork)

Cover Art: Richard Nattoo (@djsinista1)

Editing: Darren Steele and Warren Mulvey (@thedubabides)

Music:  Brain Twister by Jeff Whitcher, ENRGZR by Vojta Siman