The inaugural episode of Shadows of Pindus: A Croak for Help.

Croak, a Drow street urchin is kicked awake by a pair of thugs he runs drugs for. He missed his rendezvous after a delivery the night before and lost the money for the deal. He’ll have to shake out the cobwebs and get on the scent of his previous evenings whereabouts to avoid harsh punishment. A goblin child with shrewd negotiation skills is willing to help out, for a price.


Curious about the duet format of our podcast? Here are some insights into how it works.


Gamemaster: Darren Steele

Player: Paul Paul

Worldbuilding: Darren Steele and Will Mitchell

Cover Art: Richard Nattoo

Music: Stratosphere¬†by Adam Vitovsk√Ĺ, Brain Twister by Jeff Whitcher